Vision 2020

Vision 2020 is about renewing our perspective to once again find the way forward as a nation, together.

Without vision, it’s the people who perish. And we want to give that vision, of what once was, and what could be, back to the people.

We all have a part in this vision. We all have a role to play. None of us by ourselves see the whole picture—we see in part, and we need one another in order to see the rest of what is possible.

It’s about finding a perspective that does not exploit injustice for the sake of agenda, but sincerely looks for a way together to see that issue healed in our culture and society.

Vision 2020 is about learning once again to see through the lens of value, and values. To see the best in each other, and learn to rebuild what has become a huge dividing line between us back into the narrow path forward it used to be. 

Freedom is a gift, a grace, not an entitlement; a means, not an end. It’s a set of wings we spread to fly upward and forward, not simply to pull the tug-o-war further in our direction.

The dividing line running through the house that is this nation indeed used to be the road that our forefathers—who also had their differences—once pioneered and walked together. Their eyes were on hope, not on the suspected or feared evil in one another.

I have hope for our nation, that we can once again board the Mayflower that discovered this land and travel these stormy times to once again realize a nation, that is a people, standing as one nation under God, indivisible, and truly with liberty and justice for all.

- Joseph LeTourneau and Family