How We See

Issues & Solutions

We have come to a place in politics where the status quo is about which side of the issue you are on. Yet, this “issue” centric culture isn’t so much for the people, but for the agendas each issue is tied to. Many of the issues could actually have solutions or healing if we came to the table to talk through nuance and find the tension between the sides that could actually be the path forward. Instead, genuine issues are being exploited by political agenda, and we are learning to find identity in what/who we are against rather than crafting common ground solutions in who and what we are for. 

The issues that divide us will not be that which rebuilds our nation again. We will always have differences, many of which can be healthy. But when those differences become the focus—and hate for others becomes our self-defense—well, then we have created a new and unfortunate norm in our nation of division and dishonor. That is not who America is, and I do not believe that is who most people are either. We must look beyond the issues and learn to see solutions again. 

Where will I vote on the issues if elected? First, that is not always a cut and dry answer. Who is proposing the bill on said issue? What money or sponsors is it tied to? What is the motive behind that specific bill? What are the specific nuances and how they relate to people’s liberty, all people’s liberty at that time in our nation? All these questions require discernment, not necessarily pre-determined answers. We should all want leaders who are not just already sided with answers, but who listen for wisdom that will benefit the people. Whether that turns out to be myself or not, those are the kind of leaders we must vote into service of our nation.

That said, here are some things I/we believe in:

- First, I believe firmly and fully in the constitution. We must not compromise the pillars of the special freedom our nation was founded upon.

- I believe that if we want to see any remarkable change in our society, we must learn once again to value each life at its very core level. 

- I believe in the youth of our nation, that they are the future we build through NOW, and that we need to invest more in “family” and empowerment support systems that create family beyond the walls of a nuclear family. I believe there is much life ready to be supported in foster care, in orphan care and the adoption system. We have a responsibility to find ways to create a form of “family” for all our youth where they receive value, love, purpose and belief and become the foundation of our future.

- I am for lowering taxes, but stimulating generosity so that giving once again becomes a frequent, normal, free-will act of community. We all have something to give, whether time, talent or treasure. And what we each have surely helps fill up someone else’s lack. Taxes often divide us, but learning to all give again will multiply us. 

- I am for small businesses, entrepreneurship and local farming. Our local farms must be cherished and stewarded with long-term vision as the breadbasket of our nation. 

- I am for term limits on congress members and more time and/or focus allocated to building their district. 

- I am for the 2nd amendment and the right to bear arms, yet am also for common sense regulations so that specific firearms and firearms in general are only in the hands of those of proven responsibility.

- I am for strong borders, AND for welcoming neighbors through immigration. Like any family home, let us keep our house in order first so that we may better take care of and welcome those in need.

- I am for pro-active intervention in nations as it involves protecting people from oppression, injustice and helping to empower indigenous leadership structures that will serve their culture and people.

- Healthcare. I believe in better (preventative) education for the people, for free choice within families, affordable options for those choices, and economic based strategies that do not create dependents but empower people into holistic health.

- I am for economic solutions that empower those in poverty. I believe in giving before taxation, and empowerment over dependency. Every person has purpose and something to give, we must help them find it and forge new pathways in society that allow them to flourish. 

- I am for liberty being given back to the people, to families, to prevent governmental overreach and in a way that my freedom is not at the expense of yours. When freedom is self-based then all our freedoms will war against one another. Freedom must be mutual to be truly enjoyed.