To Serve & Empower You

The LeTourneau's Background

From a conservative background, rooted in faith, Joseph has continued a family line of innovative, servant leaders who look to empower those around them, near and far. 

Originally born in Fresno, CA, Joseph now resides in McCloud, CA with his wife Destiny and their six children (with #7 on the way). Joseph's distant uncle, R.G. LeTourneau, is a famous innovator of earth moving equipment and generous philanthropist, as well as the founder of LeTourneau University in Longview, TX. Joseph's father traveled around the world raising up emerging young leaders, a calling Joseph himself picked up at the age of 17 and has continued along with Destiny and their kids for the past 20+ years.

Joseph & Destiny have been married for 18 years and their family has lived and worked all over the world. Joseph has written more than seven books, spoken and trained thousands and created resources and curriculum that empower established and young leaders to transform culture by stepping forward in hope, identity and purpose.


After traveling throughout Africa, they settled in Ethiopia for three years where they consulted with local, established leaders while raising up a grass-roots movement of young leaders and at-risk youth--seeing orphans and street children emerge as leaders in their communities. The last five years they have focused their time on Israel and the Palestinian people, including moving their family to the region for several months. 

Most recently, Joseph contracted a leadership course, The Culture Purple, at McCloud High School and coached basketball, helping to rebuild the athletics program and culture that had been shut down for fifteen years. Wherever they are, whoever they are with, the LeTourneaus seek to unearth and empower the treasures that are innately within people, communities and cultures. 

Their dream is to see every person, near and far, live and fulfill the special purpose they were created for!