Our Key Values for Rebuilding our American House


The house must be more than a selected group of legislators. The house has to be more than just the physical structure we live in. The house is a people, a family, who are each different and unique. It is a nation of individuals who make up an incredible whole, a nation that is blessed in its diversity, rich in its roots & empowered in purpose.


We typically think of or define "house" in terms of a physical structure. However, perhaps it's most important definition is when describing a "family structure," which is a heritage or lineage of people. It is you and I that most aptly make up the "house" that is America. A representative is not merely fighting for laws, but empowering the people or family of his or her district. To truly rebuild America we must return to the priority of  building a"family."


A family isn't united because they are all the same or because they all live in the same house; as each son and daughter should carry their own unique likeness, inside and out. True unity is found in diversity, like a quilt whose contrasts actually create its compliments. We should rejoice in one another's created differences because each member of this U.S. family brings something different to the table and leaves their own special mark on community, culture and nation. That is the kind of uncommon unity we must pursue.


Identity is a true form of innate value. It's not manmade but God created. It is the truth that we each have equal right to be a unique son or daughter in a bigger family than walls can hold. Our identity is part of who we are, it's part of what gives life and multiplies out to impact the world around us. Our identity carries unique purpose, gifting, ability, understanding and more. It is the gold hidden within us ready to make a mark on the world. Right now, we have a nation that lives by paper dollars when we should also be learning to find and spend the gold that is hidden within us each.

Empowering People

We want to represent you because we believe in you. We believe in the North State district of California, we believe in California as a whole! We believe in the people all across this great country, that each of us has a role to play and all of us have more to give than we know. We believe that you are valued beyond what you do or do not have; that you have something of worth that your neighbor, your community, our nation and even the world is waiting for. We believe you have great purpose, an we want to help you, your family and community to flourish. 

Our goal is to revive the freedom that gave this nation wings, and give that freedom back to you so that you have every opportunity to fulfill every purpose you were created for. This is why we want to represent you.